Board Members

The KSHA Board of Directors currently consists of 19 adult members, with five new members elected each year for a term of 3 years.

In 2017, KSHA began moving from a 21 member board to a 15 member board which will be in effect by 2019. The president and vice president of the Jr KSHA are also board members. These volunteers deserve lots of credit for their hard work!


2017 KSHA Officers

President Terry Craft
 1st Vice Pres
(Horse Show)
Jasmine Pumphrey 785-543-4361
 2nd Vice Pres
Diana Van Dyke  
 Secretary Angela Price 785-212-0410
 Treasurer Becky Dillon 620-241-8040
Newsletter Editor Bailey Bickham



2018 – 2020 KSHA Board Members

Terms Expiring 2018 Terms Expiring 2019 Terms Expiring 2020
Harlene Howey Karen Foxx Terry Craft
Greg Jones Jasmine Pumphrey Angela Price
Cheryl Kozak Katie Haynes Jeannine McLain
Debbie Parks Diana Van Dyke Becky Dillon
Lavon Martin Bailey Bickham  Jenny Wadley
Cathy Moore-Jansen  
Shellby Beeman